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Online education is worth the investment.  Virtual courses and degree programs are more flexible and more straightforward than their equivalents in formal schooling.  Such are the two key benefits of online learning that drive more students to opt for online courses, whether they choose to receive a degree or a diploma.  The great thing about online learning is that you can practice comfortably learn at your place and pace, even though you don't want to be accredited.  All you need is a love for learning and a  quick online quest that will lead you in the right direction. Since that stage on, you'll be the master of your own life.

Geomatika University, Malaysia

SDH Institute, Singapore

European International University-Paris

Unitar International University, Malaysia

City University Malaysia

Lim Kok Wing University, Malaysia

How AeM support your learning?

University Coordination

We coordinate between students and the institution, including tuition fee payment, coordination with tutors and graduation petition procedure.

eLibrary and Resources

Our eLibrary is equipped with over 500,000 books, and academic articles along with support software to help researching and thesis writing.

Writing Center

It was established primarily to provide writing workshop support to students and assistance to faculty interested in using writing to engage students in active learning and thereby. Writing Center helps to improve the quality and range of their students’ literacy, The AeM Writing Center conceives its task broadly.

IT Help Desk

Learners can always seek technical and education technological assistance. This includes remote service (AnyDesk Remote Desktop). If necessary, staff will be able to connect to the student machine remotely.

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