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Established in 1997, UNITAR International University (UNITAR) is a visionary and well-governed institution, known for being the first virtual university in Southeast Asia and one of the pioneering private universities in Malaysia.

Our programmes are offered at our main campus in urban Kelana Jaya and at 11 other independent campuses spread throughout Malaysia. We have 36 academic programmes ranging from the Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor's levels to the post-graduate Master's and Doctorates. We take pride in having committed academics housed in various faculties and schools such as Business & Technology, Education & Humanities, Culinary Arts, and Foundation.

Since its inception, we pursued innovative learning where technology complements human interaction on a strong educational platform. Our pursuit of affordable and quality education in both conventional and remote teaching modes continues till today and is embodied in our UNITAR's Education Core ("UNIEC"), meeting the cutting-edge needs of 21st Century education.

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